Services | MakDentist
November 14, 2016


This is the list of the services we offer. If you are interested about pricing or any other detail, contact us here.


  • Removal of tooth nerve
  • Cleaning and widening root canals
  • Filling root canals with biocompatible material
  • Fillings or ceramic crowns, depending on the tooth condition

Ortodontics and ortopedies of the jaw

  • Mobile ortodontics
  • Fixed ortodontics
  • Lingval ortodontics


  • Fixed prosthetics
    • Fixed prosthetic bridges or crowns
    • Metal classic steel and titanium
    • Cad cam zirconium bridges or crowns
  • Mobile prosthetics
    • Total prosthetic
    • Partial prosthetic

Esthetic dentristry

  • Teeth whitening
  • Decalcification
  • Composite laminates-componers
  • Teeth reconstruction
woman teeth and smile. Close up,half with braces